Dr. Shelly Johnson

Dr. Shelly Johnson, Mukwa Musayett, is the Canada Research Chair in Indigenizing Higher Education at Thompson Rivers University. In the following videos Dr. Johnson answers some commonly asked questions about indigenization. We hope these videos provide you with a good foundation for the online storytelling sessions.


1. Introduction

2. The importance of terminology

3. Aboriginal, First Nations, Metis, Inuit, Indian: terms explained

4. About the term “Indigenous”

5. Why is it necessary and important to indigenize higher education?

6. The role of senior administration in indigenizing higher education

7. The role of faculty in indigenizing higher education

8. Indigenous ways of learning

9. What advice do you have for teachers with Indigenous students in their classrooms?

10. What is your vision for indigenizing Thompson Rivers University?

11. Where can faculty turn to for support?

12. Are there any key resources you would recommend?

Dr. Shelly Johnson shares an example of indigenization at UBC’s School of Social Work

Resources mentioned by Dr. Shelly Johnson


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