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March 15, 2017 Storytelling session

In the final storytelling session in our series we heard from four Thompson Rivers University faculty, students and staff: Dr. Lisa Bourque Bearskin, Dr. Rod McCormick, Star Mahara, Joanne Brown, Charis Kamphuis, Jane Horton, and Crystalyn Lemieux. Some of the topics addressed included: indigenous nursing and… Continue Reading →

Next Steps: Indigenizing Your Institution

Thank you for your participation in the storytelling series. What will your next steps be? You may wish to consider bringing together faculty, staff and students at your institutions to continue the dialogue.  The following event has been organized at TRU: Next… Continue Reading →

Mar 1, 2017 Storytelling session

  In the third storytelling session in our series we heard from four Thompson Rivers University faculty and staff members – Nicole Schabus (Faculty of Law), Dr. Monica Sanchez-Flores (Faculty of Arts), Dr. Kyra Garson (Centre for Excellence in Teaching… Continue Reading →

Why is indigenizing important for non-indigenous students (including international students), staff, faculty and admin?

This is a question that was asked and expanded upon by participants of today’s storytelling event. Feel free to add your thoughts and comments.

Feb 15, 2017 Storytelling session

In the second storytelling session in our series we heard from four Thompson Rivers University faculty members: Dr. Natalie Clark, Ginny Ratsoy, Jeffrey McNeil, Rob Matthew, and Dr. Patrick Walton.  Some of the topics addressed included: Storytelling in teaching and… Continue Reading →

Collecting our resources

Let’s gather the resources shared during the storytelling series.  These were shared by participants during the February 2 session: First Peoples’ Principles of Learning (PDF – shared by Roxane) “All of our curriculum resources are founded on the First People’s Principles… Continue Reading →

Are indigenous design principles part of planning for new building or developments?

This is another question from a participant at the Feb 2 session that we didn’t get a chance to ask the panelists. In this case the person probably was talking about TRU, but we invite your questions and comments about TRU… Continue Reading →

How will indigenizing education influence the development of academic thought in students?

This question was asked on the Livestream at the Feb 2 event but we didn’t have a chance to get answered by the panel. We invite anyone to comment on this question and join the discussion.


Sticky post

This four part online storytelling series inquires into the following questions: What does it mean to indigenize higher education? What does an indigenized university look like? What are the benefits of indigenization? How can I indigenize my curriculum? Why does… Continue Reading →

Feb 2, 2017 Storytelling session

Thank you everyone who participated in the first of four storytelling sessions! We especially appreciate your excellent questions and supportive comments for our storytellers. As mentioned during the session and in the livestream chat, we encourage you to continue the… Continue Reading →

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