Thank you everyone who participated in the first of four storytelling sessions! We especially appreciate your excellent questions and supportive comments for our storytellers. As mentioned during the session and in the livestream chat, we encourage you to continue the dialogue.

We heard from four Thompson Rivers University faculty members: Dr. Shelly Johnson, Roxane Letterlough, Dr. Lloyd Bennett, and Dr. Naowarat Cheeptham. They shared their personal experiences with indigenization and a lively conversation ensued in which we responded to questions raised by audience.

Topics addressed included:

  • The role of leadership and policy in indigenization
  • How to engage non-indigenous students and faculty
  • The importance of names and the right to name
  • What indigenized spaces look like
  • The importance of storytelling in teaching and learning
  • Activities to promote indigenous ways of learning and knowing
  • Sharing intergenerational knowledge on campus

As you reflect on the stories and discussions, what new practices are you motivated to try or encourage at your institution?